About Us

The Attachment Parenting Center welcomes all who want to learn more about attachment, celebrating fatherhood, and its methods in general, the center focuses on specific activities and events taking place there: mothers' and children's meetings, working on the center, volunteers or those just tired, and attracted by the communicative atmosphere. Those desiring to relax with a cup of tea and pleasant conversation are welcome to come, learn, and see what we do with advance notice to us.


The Attachment Parenting Center is a public, non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to support, maintain and develop the theory of parenting attachment in Lithuania. The institution was founded in August 2010 by four families, represented by the parents’ initiative. Currently, the office works and is active in 4 of its founding members: Rima Kurtinaitienė, Ingrida Radėnė, Inga Giedraitienė and Vitalija Pilipauskaitė-Butkienė. Their activities and areas of interest are as follows: Rima Kurtinaitienė - breastfeeding theory and practice, child wearing and carriers, attachment parenting theory. Ingrida Radėnė - natural family planning, child wearing and carriers, handicrafts, representation of the center in cyberspace; Inga Giedraitienė - attatchment parenting theory and practice, representing the center internationally. Vitalija Pilipauskaitė-Butkienė - events, projects, publications, natural hygiene, diapers, she is currently the center’s director.


The Attachment Parenting Center’s challenge: to foster attachment parenting practitioners and to bring together families that are interested in the topic. We want to meet,  communicate and cooperate with other parents and professionals with similar interests. We want to promote efforts, disseminate information, and discuss a wide range of topics related to childrearing, its history and contemporary studies. The Centre's activities are particularly emphasized: family preparing for pregnancy and childbirth, physical and psychological care after childbirth, breastfeeding and child wearing, hygiene, health, nutrition, children's literature, toys, etc. Additionally we promote quality pre-school and school education and alternatives, and a natural lifestyle.


The Attachment Parenting Center’s vision- an open, warm, safe and fun place for the whole family - from the youngest to the eldest member. These centres should be in every city and town in Lithuania. Why? Attachment is to be loved and loving, is to feel safe, and a means to live safely, freely and actively, while creating the same world of the future - and it is indescribably good!


The Attachment Parenting Center’s audience: pregnant mothers and their families, families with children, and a professional audience (pediatricians, physicians, psychologists, teachers, officials, media and others.) We seek to inform the whole society, which is intended to familiarize them with our concerns.


The  attachment parenting center invites you to a few basic courses and training seminars: attachment parenting basics, breastfeeding, carrying, introducing solid foods, natural family planning, care of first teeth, natural hygiene and diapers. We also welcome here additional workshops: mothers and pregnant mothers' meetings, handicraft workshops, tastings and other fun family activities. For further information, please look at the calendar of events. Non-Lithuanian speaking mothers are welcome to let us know if they wish an English or other language speaking mothers' support group to be held in our center. We are eager to accommodate interested mothers regardless their language. 


The  attachment parenting centre is open to all religions and beliefs. We view all nationalities, races and beliefs of people who want to contribute to the dissemination of attachment ideas in any form (participation in training sessions, personal communication, volunteering, help with events, moral, emotional (moments of crisis) and financial assistance, if there are opportunities (center of the beneficiary status).